Career advice for a software developer to earn a higher salary

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Career advice for a software developer to earn a higher salary

I am Amit Shekhar, a mentor helping developers in getting high-paying tech jobs.

Here goes my learning from starting from ground zero:

Enthusiasm matters

I studied civil engineering at IIT BHU, however, I started getting fascinated by software developments, and by the end of my engineering and realized this is the field I always wanted to be! I have always loved solving problems and being innovative!

It did take a lot of courage to switch from Civil engineering to software development, but it was worth transitioning.

Upgrade skills

I was at ground zero until 4th year of engineering and started learning Java. Compared to my friends, who were in computer science, I knew almost nothing. I learned Java, then data structures and algorithms, and then Android!

Hunt for relevant knowledge and resources

This was probably the toughest phase of my life where I had no mentors to guide me and placement was on the head. I anyway needed a job. I started reading books. Headfirst Java Book and the Internet were my Bible.

Give a shot

I knew someone would ask me in an interview about studying Civil Engineering and opting for software development. I was confident about my answer i.e Coding makes me unleash my full potential, and it interests me a lot. Nonetheless, I got placed in Bobble!

Switch at the right time

After 2 years and 7 months, I switched to Hike. Bobble was a fantastic experience, and so was Hike, but with a 2X plus salary hike.

Listen to the inner callings along with constantly upgrading skills

I loved teaching too! I started realizing why it was fun to teach my friends one day before the semester! It was a challenge to make people understand topics. I started educating developers through my blogs.

Feel the sense of accomplishment

I started realizing, that money can make us happy, but after a point of time, it stops fascinating. If you have started a career in development, you may start feeling this too.

I was on quite a decent package but decided to quit the job and start teaching software development.

It feels good to create a positive impact on the lives of millions of developers through my teaching capability.

Find bigger challenges and expand yourself

I decided to quit my jobs and focus totally on my startup. I worked the hell out of my energy and to be frank, it was such an awesome feeling to give back to society in the form of teaching Software Development.

I faced challenges when I started learning, without mentors, but somehow I found my way. I made mistakes, but I learned from them and realized the mistakes I made, should be something newer generations shouldn't make. They must make new mistakes!

Returning to the agenda: Career advice for a software developer to earn a better salary: Just try to unleash your full potential, everything else will be followed!

Learn 3X to Earn 2X.

That's it for now.


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