Amit Shekhar
Amit Shekhar
Co-Founder at MindOrks, AfterAcademy, CuriousJr | Changing the way we learn | EdTech | IIT 2010-14

What do I do?


Co-founder at MindOrks

MindOrks is the largest Android Platform in the world. Here, I help students, developers in learning Mobile Development. Helped more than 2 million developers.


Co-founder at AfterAcademy

AfterAcademy - Platform for learning Software Development


Co-founder at CuriousJr

CuriousJr - Coding for Kids - Code on Mobile


Top Open-Source Contributor

I love open-source and have created many libraries for Android with love and also received the same from the whole community.


Top Writer in Tech

I love sharing whatever I learn. So, I write blogs on technologies like Android, Software Development, and etc.


I am a software engineer with a passion for sharing knowledge through open-source, blogs and videos. I have helped more than 2 million developers in excelling in their careers.

I have helped many tech companies in solving their unique problems. I have also created many open-source libraries being used by top applications having more than 100 million downloads each.

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